Sunday, June 29, 2008

Take Me Out to The...Bead Fetish?

Well the title pretty much sums up my weekend. Beads and Ball Games!!! Both very happy things=)

So there two exciting events coming up in the professional jewelry career of your truly.

1. Class at the Bead Fetish on Wednesday, July 2nd from 6-8:30 pm. This class will teach you the basics about working with wire. Craft wire, sterling, or gold filled (depending on your fancy)...this is a great jumping off point from basic stringing into the more complex world of jewelry design. The skills one will learn in this class can be carried forward into earring making and more whimsical wrapping. So please call the Bead Fetish today and reserve a spot!

2. Craft Alongs with the Sacramento Craft Mafia. The SCM is going to hosting one Craft Along a month on the Second Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 pm at the Java Lounge on 16th and Broadway.

Each month a different member or affiliate of the SCM will be hosting a special topic to expand the craft knowledge of the greater Sacramento area. Please come out and join us for a little time to concentrate on craft away from the distraction of pets, kids, and television. (Instead you the welcome distractions of girl time and JAVA!!!)

This month's Craft Along will be hosted by ME (picture Tyra...if you get it this is funny!!!) on Tuesday, July 8th from 6:30-8:00 pm at the Java Lounge. We will be concentrating on wire working. I will be providing wire and some beads, but please bring your own tools if you want to get down on the wire. If wire is not your thing please don't hesitate to come out anyway. Bring WHATEVER craft floats your boat...just come out and hang with us=)

I leave you with a impressive photo of the depth of my Bead Fetish. This is my newly organized bead collection with Ned one of my teddy bears on top. Ned was handcrafted by Missy Balance owner of Mohair Circus...she is amazing!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

My First Class

Well...the time has come! I am going to be teaching a class at The Bead Fetish =) This Wednesday night I will be the teacher for Beginning Wire Wrapping...I am so honored that the lovely women of The Bead Fetish are trusting me to lead this wonderful class. I will take some pictures at class and post them...then you can all share in my joy=) Yay for The Bead Fetish!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Hottest Lot in Town

So...where is the hottest (coolest!) place to be on Second Saturday in Sacramento?

...A Bar?
...A Club?


The hottest spot in town is the McMartin Realty Parking Lot! If you haven't come out to this event for Second Saturday...the you haven't truly experienced Second Saturday.

There is an awesome mix of crafters and artists in a prime location on the midtown grid. You get a little bit of everything...especially a good dose of the ladies from the Sacramento Craft Mafia. We have had members out there every month practically this year!

More to come on this awesome too!!! But now you there or be nowhere!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where did the Week Go?

Has it really been a full week since my last post? I feel like it has been about two minutes. Lots of jewelry making took place...but gosh...a full week!

Anyway...not too much to say right this moment...just wanted to make a post so you all know that I am still alive. I will leave you with some pictures!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday, Funday!

Who doesn't love a Sunday? Especially the most beautiful Sunday to hit the greater Sacramento area in quite a while!

I woke up early and got to spend four beautiful hours watching Sex and the City and making all kinds of crazy jewelry.

I made a bracelet today that was black cloisonne beads with little flowers on them. I swear that I have visited the factory they were made in when I went to China. This is a picture of the glazes that they used to fill in the enamel part of the piece. They made beads and vases and ornaments and pretty much every other item that could be cloisonned was!

This was one of the men that worked in the oven section. Could you imagine 8 hours a day of standing in an oven and pulling vases in and out of the heat...and I get tired and hot doing office work!!! Makes me very thankful for my job and the lifestyle I have.

This is what the showroom looked like at this weird and wonderful factory/friendship store/restaurant...they really combine things (kinda like Disneyland!)

A detail of one of the beautiful vases. There were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and they were all was magical!!!

More to come on the other exciting places and jewelry related sites that I went to visit in China.