Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday ,Friday November 28th Is Going To Get The SaraJane Treatment!!!

Hey all!If you are not one for the day after Thanksgiving shopping craziness, I think we may have an event to change your mind!The Sacramento Craft Mafia is pleased to announce we are joining Sara Jane of Sara Jane & Co. for another fun filled event!Black Friday, or Friday, November 28th is going to get the SARAJANE&CO.treatment!Imagine NOT fighting over scarves and bags at the MAUL (mall!)!Imagine NOT taking a shuttle to do your shopping!Imagine choosing thoughtful, eco friendly, artistic and handmade wonders with out paying for shipping-and all in ONE spot!Featuring The Sacrameno Craft Mafia, Athmatix & Super Hot Deals From SaraJane!
Need MORE coaxing?How about fab swag for you shopping die hards who will join us at 6am!?More, you say? How about a hot, fresh cup of coffee FOR FREE???!Come on, now! Its gonna be great! Get a jump on your holiday shopping the MAFIA way!

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